Minisub UWH Mask


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Epsealon Minisub mask, developed for spearfishing and apnea but perfect for underwater hockey. Very low volume makes it difficult to knock off your face. Extremely wide field of vision will enable you to follow the game better. The frame of the mask is very sturdy and it will survive all but the very hardest blows. Still, it is semi-flexible above the nose part, so it will wrap around your face providing field of vision similar to the well known sphera mask, but without the distortion of curved lenses and the flimsy frame.

Made from black hypoallergenic silicone, polycarbonate frame and tempered glass with quick adjustment buckles. Very low weight of only 150g. Probably one of the best masks for underwater hockey.

The mask is very comfortable and will suit most faces except extremely large.

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Weight300 g


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