Axe 278 UWH sticks


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A pair of Axe 278 sticks.

Axe 278 is a medium sized Underwater hockey stick suitable for all playing positions. The stick has a fairly slim side profile to enhance skill speed with just enough hook for solid tackles. Slight tapper (from 21-17 mm) keeps it balanced while the center of mass is still forward enough to pack a good punch. Heavy textured surface provides great feel for the puck and superior handling. Forward angle of the playing area and a 9° bevel guarantee easy, reliable and long passes. Handle is 105 mm long and slightly raised. Oval shape and a recess for the index finger give good ergonomy, mild texture on the handle provides sure grip while the thumb rests on the  heavily textured back blade for that extra grip during hard times. All the sticks are now fibre reinforced to prevent breaking – if they do break you are covered with our one year warranty. Right and left handed versions available. Price is for a pair of sticks.

Overall Length: ~278 mm

Weight: ~150 g

Playing Area: ~170 mm

Handle: ~105 mm

Front bevel: 9°


Additional information

Weight 320 g

Right handed, Left handed