Mini Axe UWH sticks


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A pair of Mini Axe underwater hockey sticks.

Mini Axe is the smallest member of the Axe family with only 240 mm total length. Developed specifically for children, aged 8-14 years. The stick is shorter, slimmer, with a smaller handle to fit junior hands. Playing edge is just 145 mm long and very slim with a slight tapper (from 16-12 mm). Stick’s small size means children will be able to manouver it much easier than full sized adult sticks which not only enhances skill learning, but also provides more fun and satisfaction when handling the puck. A large front bevel of 12° guarantees easy lifting of puck from the bottom, so children will learn to pass quickly. Although the stick is very small, passes of over two meters can be achieved. The stick has textured surfaces on front and back edges just like it’s big sisters to provide great feel for the puck and superior handling. Handle is 95 mm long, oval with a recess for the index finger and a textured pad for the thumb. Although the stick is designed for kids, some older players will also appreciate it’s small handle, speed and agility. Price is for a pair of sticks.

Overall Length: ~240 mm

Weight: ~100 g

Playing Area: ~145 mm

Handle: ~95 mm

Front bevel: 12°

Additional information

Weight220 g

Right handed, Left handed


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