Team Order Discounts & Coupons

To promote Underwater Hockey, we offer regular team order discounts on quantities of five items or more from a category. Occassionaly we also publish discount coupons or have promotional draws of free equipment at our Facebook page so make sure you follow us!

Regular Discounts:

5-9 items from category … 5% discount

10-14 items from category … 10% discount

15 or more items from category … 15% discount

For example if you order five pairs of hard sticks (any model and hand), twelve gloves (any size) and three mouthguards, discount of 5% will be applied to sticks , discount of 10% will be applied to gloves and no discount will be applied to mouthguards. But if you also order two sets of fin keepers, discount of 5% will be applied to mouthguards and fin keepers since they are both in Accessories category.

Discounts are applied automatically at checkout, you don’t have to do anything 🙂 Play well!